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Who Am I?

by | Jul 18, 2021

I’m a private person, but here it goes:

The basics: Extremely introverted, shy, usually lost in thought, inability to understand social cues, easily distracted, love puzzles and solving complex problems, very passive, and painfully awkward in social settings.

The weird: An irrational lingering crush on Dr. Spencer Reid (fictional).

The typical: Daydreamer and catnapper extrordinaire.

Likes: Angels, reading, writing, cooking, water (oceans, lakes, rivers), the mountains, hiking and running, getting lost, hot tea, complimentary airline socks, being ridiculously goofy with my kids.

Dislikes: Demons, politics, politicians, people yelling, division, fake personas, social media, Fifty Shades of Vomit.

Fears: Stages, spotlights, the doorbell.

Lifeline: My extroverted sister. She is my voice and the one who keeps me connected.

I’m not perfect, but I like who I am.